interactive program, in situ installation for mobil phones


Within TUTOR project, Olga Kisseleva once more hones in on the mobile phone - the contemporary prosthesis that accompanies us on all our journeys.
Initially Olga Kisseleva was asked to participate in the development of a Distributed Support System for people with intellectual disability, in which the knowledge necessary for performing a task is shared out between the disabled person, a work trainer and an intelligent support system. Users can solicit information by reading 2D codes, via the mobile phone, that indicate to the system what information it must supply the phone, as well as the identity of the user making the request.
But the Russian artist delved deeply into the growing importance of these tools and the way they have influenced our behaviour and our relationships with others, sounding out a warning about technological dependence in her.
Within her collaboration with the Guggenheim Museum, the interactive programs, made by Kisseleva, is also a way of raising the public’s awareness, through a mirror effect, regarding their own situation of dependency, in the degree to which they lose their reflexes and depend increasingly on electronic apparatuses.

>>with the support of

DISONANCIAS program and LEIA Scientific Foundation, Spain




Douce France, Contemporary Art Centre Abbaye de Maubuisson, Saint-Ouen l’Aumone, France, 2007-2008 (solo show)

TUTOR workshop, LEIA Foundation – Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain

Disonancias,Tbacalera Public Art Centre, San Sebastian, Spain



Marie Lechner “Olga Kisseleva : TUTOR " / french / english