photo, video, graphic works


(In)visible is a work about the international resistance against the new "sharing" of the world, operated by multinational commercial empires. 70 photographs were made in 20 differents countries during last 10 years. All slogans and colours are erased, and we see only the common engagement and a similar energy through all demonstrations.



Prato Contemporary Art Museum

FMAC Paris

NCCA Moscow





No more reality, curated by Claire Staebler and Jelena Vezic, Contemporary art centre DEPO Tütün deposu, Istanbul, Turkey, 2009

Progressive Nostalgia, Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato, Italy, curator Victor Misiano, 2007

Moscow Time, CPIF (Centre Photographique Ile de France), Pontault-Combault, France, curator Elena Sorokina, 2007

WAKING UP, curator Frederic Maufras, Cortex Athletico, Bordeaux, France, 2006

(in)visible, CAPC Museum, Bordeaux, France, 2006



No More Reality: Crowd and Performance, DEPO Tütün Deposu, Istanbul, Turkey, 2009, texts by Claire Staebler and Jelena Vesic /english/


Olga Kisseleva, catalog, ISTHME, Paris, 2007, text by Viktor Misiano, François Taillade french/ english /russian

Elena Sorokina "Moscow Time" /french/english