installation, video in situ


© RGrman


Connexion, a series of videos projected onto the glass facade of the Cartier Foundation, attempts to do away with the distances between two cities, bringing them together on a virtual level, giving the illusion to those driving past that other roads are open to them during the night. It's a mirage which is all the more disconcerting because the new passages presented lead towards another part of the world: the perspective Nevski in Saint-Petersburg. The complexity of the world and our heterogeneity being elusive as it is at any given moment, the artist invites us to experience it over a stretch of time. As such the work succeeds in escaping any representation of the world, attempting rather to connect the two spaces, in an eminently voluntary way, as if the artist had some kind of perception of a terrestrial written language; a geographical language we have forgotten and yet of which we are the authors.


Connexion, The Cartier Foundation for contemporary art, Paris, France, 2002