sculpture, video, installation, performance


dim.: 200(l)x85(L)x190(h)
video : 10 min, loop


Powerbike is a tricycle with a contradictory working mechanism which is constrained by a double requirement: riders must climb the seven steps of its built-in staircase on which are inscribed the seven deadly sins. Once they have reached the seat which juts out, the vertical movement produced during the process makes the vehicle move backwards and can even lead to the subjects' regression, as they find themselves inexorably drawn away from the fulfillment of their desir.

OPEN, 50th venice biennal, curator Pierre Restany, curator of the project Olesia Turkina, Venice, Italy, 2003

Olesya Turkina "Olga Kisseleva's Psychopathological Trainer "Powerbike"",for catalog « Open 2003» , Venice, Italy, 2003